Heale Manufacturing is an ISO certified commercial and military wiring harness and cable manufacturer. We make electrical wiring harnesses, cable, and mechanical assemblies for anyone...anywhere...from scratch. Once we get together on the wishes, drawings, samples or spec's, we will do the rest. We'll get all the parts...sheet metal, fittings or whatever...and build fully tested assemblies for you at less cost than you can do it for yourself.

Some People We Work For

We work with commercial/military equipment manufacturers, brokers, contractors, distributors, and military refurbishers around the world.

Commercial & OEM: On the commercial side - and unlike most companies - we look forward to working on projects with build quantities ranging from prototype singles to the thousands required for high volume production. We specialize in quick turn-around. Depending on quantity and complexity, sometimes we can even get a harness turned around the day it was ordered.

Military: With an archive of over 1,000,000 drawings and microfiche of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, we regularly work with wire and cable that ranges from 22 AWG up to 4/0 gauge multi-conductor cable. This wide range of capabilities along with our extensive experience and technical information, also allows us to make many of the hard-to-get electrical assemblies no longer generally available. For some of our military and government customers, for example, we make the sealed magneto and ignition cables used on vehicles that may have to operate submerged on occasion.

Parts, Prototyping and Duplication: Our company is the source for many of the impossible-to-get parts needed for the production, duplication and prototyping challenges that frequently arise. When it comes to prototyping, people have noticed that our speed and manufacturing experience have added value to their product development process. Be sure to ask about those services when you call or write. And if you can think of other ways we can be of use to you and yours, please don't hesitate to ask. We are always looking for more ways to be of value.