ISO 9002 Award

Are We Having Fun Yet?

May 25, 2001

We just won our ISO certification. The award is great, but what is even better is that we are doing everything else better too. There really is truth in the observation that working on the certification improves the quality and efficiency of almost everything a company does.

If you were to write that like an ISO auditor, it would come out something like this: The efficacy of the stipulation to the effect that the ratio of constructively functional activities to the numeric ratio of destructive functional activities taken by the subject company after twenty-fourth day of May (05/24/01) in the year 2001, is statistically greater than the ratio of functionally destructive actions relative to the constructive functional actions initiated by said corporation before the time of the entities involvement in obtaining International Standards Organization certification before the twenty-fourth day of May (05/24/01) in the year 2001.