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Provide what you want and need...when you have to have it.

The Heale objective is simple. We want to provide your company with the timely delivery of affordable mechanical or electrical sub-assemblies. Those assemblies could include wiring harnesses, cabling, interconnection products, ignition components, hoses, gear boxes, relay assemblies, lighting assemblies...anything that will help make what you provide look good, work reliably and sell profitably.

Key Heale Benefits

  • Reduce your cost to manufacture
  • Cut assembly time at your facility
  • Eliminate the hidden waste of "occasional trouble-shooting"
  • Take a chunk out of warranty claims
  • Help you build it right the first time with economical component selection

How to get the most from what Heale offers...

The wiring harness...the thing that makes everything run... is often taken for granted. It is usually the last thing anyone thinks about when designing a machine. That's why so much unseen money and time is routinely wasted during assembly and testing with each unit assembled. For those reasons we offer:

Value Engineering

Component selection services. Using the right stuff to put a harness together the first time makes a real difference. There are dozens and some times hundreds of ways a harness assembly can be put together and still work. It's just that some ways are better than others, and we know what they are.

With everything your engineering people have to do they may not be aware of all the options available. For that reason we offer our services as experts in harness installation to optimize your harnesses for ease of installation, serviceability and long life. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but the production dollars lost during installation snafu's can be enormous. Those out of sight losses are always out of pocket losses. With our help, that money will stay where it belongs - in your pocket.

Quick Prototyping

We are extremely good at building prototypes. We know that documentation, BOM's and instructions for prototyping generally aren't available...because it's a we aren't fussy about pretty drawings. The time for that comes later.

We've made harnesses patterned around mock-up's. Others have been built around butchered harnesses that don't really work, but "sort of fit" in place. Some have been made from string, clothesline and rubber hose. Still others have been built from sketches on brown paper bags, the backs of napkins or from directions provided over the phone.

When time is of the essence, give us a call. Having us do the prototyping will save time and money initially and later...every time your people put a production unit together. Remember, you never can call too early for prototyping.

Specialty Components and Parts

If for some reason your people are committed to prototyping harnesses on their own, we will be happy to provide the connectors, wire, protective loom and other material you need to get the job done. When your tolerance for "end of line troubleshooting" and watching the job grow to fill the time available has grown thin, give us a call. Remember, no matter if you need one or a thousand harnesses, we exist to be of use to you and yours.

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