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Assembly Services

Our core specialty is the manufacture of electrical cable and wiring harnesses used to control equipment. We build for companies with unit requirements of one or the timely delivery of thousands of harnesses. The harness assemblies themselves can be simple or as complex as a neural network. They can be made of light gauge multi-colored wires or heavy cables that would look right holding a bridge doesn't matter. If your needs are straight-forward or require special braiding, EMP protection, or other exotic treatment, we can provide it. Please call to ask about how we can be of service. If you aren't sure exactly how we can be of service, call anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised with the many ways we can save your company time and money.


Many of the components like the wire and connectors used in military and commercial harness applications are not available from local sources. With over 50 years of experience and the people we have come to know in that time, we can supply a great many of the impossible-to-get parts not otherwise available.


Bring us your disconnected, miswired, poorly terminated or brown-bag prototype specials. Getting the projects to us early gives us the chance to make a value engineered assembly that will save your company more dollars and production time than you might think possible.